Session 1


I have always wanted bigger boobs since after puberty. Like what, 15 or 16? I realised my boobs were just.. puny. I’ve tried many types of breast enlargement pills/creams which promised results after a few months but I never did see any permanent results…
People around me would tell me, just eat more and you will gain boobs but all my fats just went to my arms.

I tried healthy dieting & exercising in an attempt to lose my arm fats, but the fats on my boobs (however much was there) were the first to go and just shrank into nothing.
Until last year in June 2015 where I stumbled upon someone’s blog and she mentioned about liposuction in Medan and fats grafting to boobs.Initially I had my doubts on safety of the surgery, and just basically travelling to another country even though it was nearby SG. Then people would say.. “Haiya you so skinny where got fats to take? Don’t be crazy!”
But then I decided to just go with it, and kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

I started to email Dr Arthur’s assistant Jennifer. Believe me when I said I spammed her with tons of questions (47 emails to be exact) plus looked through almost all of Dr Arthur’s case studies on the website and YouTube, and blogs of patients who have done it and had prior experience, just to be certain enough to book a slot.

*I’ve also used breast pumps (Noogleberry) for before & after surgery so as to create enough space for more fat input.

Day 1 (28 Oct 2015)

I finally flew to Medan with my parents, and went to Dr Arthur’s clinic/house. We had a driver booked, so journey from airport to the clinic took about 45 mins. Finally met Dr there, and was then brought up to my room. Washed up and prepared for the consultation just before the surgery.

Pre-op while doing the markings, this was how my boobs looked:

2016-01-14 12.13.58

Marking and areas of fats that were to be lipo-ed:

2016-01-14 12.11.43

2016-01-14 12.12.112016-01-14 12.12.482016-01-14 12.13.18

During surgery

I was put under LA so I was still aware of what was going on during the surgery. Kinda fell asleep as I was rather tired when Dr was doing my left arm, but I woke up just after he was done and was starting to feel pain in my right arm when Dr was doing my right arm. According to other patients, let’s say you drink alcohol, the LA will wear off faster but I haven’t had a drink for the past 3-4 months prior to surgery but it was wearing off. I could see the cannula in and out just under my skin.. :O
Holy… was by far the most painful part but I eventually stopped feeling the pain after Dr gave me more LA.

Before surgery, showing armpit fat:

2016-01-14 12.14.54

Just done with left boob:

2016-01-14 12.15.492016-01-14 12.16.172016-01-14 12.16.592016-01-14 12.17.43

Comparing left and right arm from the back (left has been done)


Look at the difference!


Done with both sides!!! SO HAPPY 😀

2016-01-14 12.19.07

Amazing thing was I could remember the whole surgery and wearing the compression garments, even the nurse feeding me porridge and going up to rest in my room myself after surgery lol. Then i KO-ed.
Fell asleep for most of the time after that and parents visited me at night.

Few hours after surgery

I felt that my bruising was pretty bad as you can see:

2016-01-14 12.03.282016-01-14 12.09.452016-01-14 12.10.2120151031_09413120151031_10241420151031_113043


Day 2

The water retention kicked in and I started to swell up all the way to my fingers and I look like Doraemon. This was before massage, just took off the compression bandages:


Couldn’t wear a bra for the next few days due to swelling and I didn’t want my fat cells to die so I just used nipple tape and wore loose long sleeve tops or with cardigan on all the time to hide the compression garment.

4 Days after surgery (pics)

Bruising and swelling seems pretty bad after surgery as shown, and will be like this for the next 1 week or so. I constantly massaged them everyday for a full month before taking out the compression garments


1 month after surgery

Bruising has all disappeared, and just left with waviness and scarring of tissues on my underarms:



Boobs are much fuller looking now! 🙂


2016-01-14 12.38.062016-01-14 12.38.3620151125_212023

2 months after surgery

Scars on boobs have lightened considerably, and more or less gone now


With a slight push up bra on, I have cleavage!


Going 4 months after surgery  (pic taken this mth)

Slim arms! 🙂

This whole procedure after 1 time of fat grafting to the boobs might not be an extensive transformation big enough for others to notice, but I do certainly see a difference compared to the pre-op boobs, where fats was also put on the upper parts of my chest so that the ribs don’t show so much, and some volume was added to the whole breast as well.


I’m really happy and definitely going back in a few months’ time for a 2nd procedure to add some volume and cleavage to my current boobs. Thank you Dr Arthur for doing such a wonderful job! 🙂

Session 1